Streaking Kings

The Sacramento Kings surpassed last seasons amount of total wins, 17, and got win number 18 in Detroit Wednesday, reaching a record of 18-34.

Back-to-back wins for the Kings came as a surprise to myself as well as most Kings fans.  Hell, the Pistons probably thought they could show up and beat these Kings, no problem.  Well, not only did the Kings string two together, it was back-to-back road wins. The last time the Kings put two straight wins together was Dec. 19 and 21 when the Kings played Milwaukee and Chicago.  This latest road win gives them 5 on the season.

It wasn’t a game that came easy for either team, as neither Detroit or Sacramento led by more than 8 points in the game.  Both teams were tired from playing the previous nights, and were looking forward to the short break.

“I couldn’t feel my legs tonight, said Kings rookie Tyreke Evans. “After that game against the Knicks, my right leg just felt like it was stuck in quick-sand.”

When comparing the box scores of Tuesday and Wednesday, the play of Kevin Martin stands out.  Kevin finally put two good games together.  It wasn’t just his play that won them the game, but having him look like the Kevin of old definitely helps.  We’ll see next week if he’ll be able to help them keep this streak going…


2 thoughts on “Streaking Kings

  1. Yay! Go Kings! 😀
    I love my team, but sometimes its mighty hard to watch them play.

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