Taco Bell Commercial vs. Slam Dunk Contest

Ali vs. Frazier, Yankees vs. Red Sox, Lakers vs. Celtics, some of the greatest events in sports history have been defined by rivalries like these. Usually a good match-up is made by two sides with equal talent.  Well this match-up is definitely near equal as both give me a feeling of utter hopelessness.

If you haven’t seen this Taco Bell commercial that features the likes of Charles Barkley and Lamar Odom, consider yourself fortunate. Barkley walks around the most likely of surroundings, passing taco bell cheer-leading angels, walking a red carpet, all starting because of his love for this box of food.  While he is on this painful journey he raps the most dreadful rap he could possibly conjure up.  Rhyming “bucks” with “rocks” and many other terrible rhymes…err, efforts to rhyme. He makes John Cena look like Tupac.

Barkley and Odom most likely needed the money in order to pay for their latest dilemmas.  Barkley with his gambling debts and Odom for his wedding and eventual divorce.

Breakfast of Champions

The 2010 Slam Dunk made me question myself of the NBA. A game surrounded with players that have exceptional athleticism and dunking ability, you would think they could find some players that could put on a good show.  I would have rather watched a WNBA All-Star weekend for a entire month than go through that again.

You should be ashamed...

Nate Robinson won the Dunk Contest for the third time straight, If I was one of the players present in Dallas I would tried to Dunk Nate, for embarrassing the NBA.  DeRozan could have won it easily if he had not done a dunk I’ve seen in an actual NBA game.

For the NBA to get me, and I’m thinking other NBA fans to watch the dunk contest in future years you need to get some guys on there that can put on a show. Shannon Brown. Are you serious? Gerald Wallace was good at one time, but it was obvious he didn’t belong.

The NBA and Taco Bell need to step their games up. Please.

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