NBA Mock Draft 1-10

We’ve got a few months until the draft but the fans of the weaker teams(I am one) want something to look forward to. Here’s what I got:

New Jersey-Poor New Jersey. With only 5 wins on the season they are a team that needs a player like John Wall.  He has stood-out as one of the best players in the NCAA this year and he is just a freshman.  In 34 minutes per game, Wall is averaging 16.8 ppg and 6.8 assists.  It would be hard for any team that gets the number one pick, not to take Wall.

Minnesota-With Minnesota having a strong, as well as young frontcourt, Minnesota will be looking to add players to their backcourt.  Drafting Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn have set them up at the point guard position at least for now.  They will most likely look to draft a shooting guard, and Evan Turner seems to be the best fit for them.

Golden StateDerrick Favors has the athleticism to play with the up-tempo Warriors.  They chose Brandan Wright in 2007 and may be moving on after three years of working on him.  Injuries have plagued him as well, playing 11 total games in the last three years.

Sacramento-Based on how many young guys are on this team, it is a tough to decide where they are needed most.  If Petrie were to draft based on need, I would guess that he takes Demarcus Cousins.  This decision would be based upon how confident they are in Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes.

IndianaEd Davis. A talented center would be a great addition to a young team.  Danny Granger and Davis would be two seeds to grow from as they develop. Cole Aldrich and Hassan Whiteside would be two other options as well.

Utah-With the trade of Ronnie Brewer I could see Xavier Henry being a great pickup for the Jazz. He has the potential to be a very good wing scorer.

Detroit-The position that they would look to add to would seem to be a big man, although they could draft based on best player available. I see them going with a big man like Indiana, instead picking Aldrich.

Washington-The Wizards seem to have a couple pieces but could fill a few holes. I think they would draft based on best player available and take Wesley Johnson. He could be the player that slips in the draft.

Philadelphia-I think the best player for the 76ers would be Greg Monroe.  He is not the best big man in the draft but he has the potential to be a very good big man in this league.

L.A Clippers-With the trade of Al Thornton I would expect the Clippers to go with a small forward. If Al-Farouq-Aminu is available, I don’t see how they could let him slide by.  He would be a great addition next to Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin.

One thought on “NBA Mock Draft 1-10

  1. I agree with your picks…and I would love to have Cousins on the Kings!! JT and Spencer are great and I like them a lot, but Cousins brings something different than both of them(power and brute strength haha), and that trio plus Landry is a sweet frontcourt. All of them plus Tyreke and hopefully an impact free agent this summer is a team I’d like to see!

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