Brotherly Love

I can picture it now.  The McGwire family is gathered around the table, ready to feast on a warm Thanksgiving dinner.  Jay asks his brother Mark to pass the gravy, “I’ll give it to you, but are you gonna write a book about it?”

Mark McGwire is saddened as well as angered at his estranged brother for a book he has recently written which chronicles about their steroid usage.  Mark is so upset with his brother, he doesn’t see any form of reconciliation with his brother.

“I don’t ever plan on seeing him again,” said Mark.

I would have followed up with a, ‘but what if you do see him?’

The book titled “Mark and Me: Mark McGwire and the Truth Behind Baseball’s Worst Kept Secret” will be available soon enough.

We already know that he did use steroids, we already knew he used before he came out with the book.  The great/sad part about this story is the person that is writing this book.  We all know Mark was the brother with talent, but it doesn’t mean you should go write a book about it.  We’ve got a front-runner for Brother of the Year.

Hearing those words by Mark makes it sound like it will be some time before they are sharing gravy again…

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One thought on “Brotherly Love

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