Unknown NBA Facts

Today I came across a book that had some very interesting NBA records. I’ll post a few every once in a while.  The title of the book is The Unofficial Guide to Basketball’s Nastiest And Most Unusual Records, written by Kerry Banks.

Smallest amount of money sought in a lawsuit- 12 cents, Yao Ming, Houston Rockets, 2003.  Yao sued Coca-Cola for using his image without permission on a line of Coke bottles sold in China. Yao asked for 1 yuan (12 cents) in token damages and an apology, citing “spiritual and economic losses.”

Highest number worn by a scoring champion-No.99, George Mikan, Minneapolis Lakers.  Usually a player tries to get a number in the top 20 or maybe top 30, but Mikan chose to do the opposite, wearing number 99.

Longest game delay caused by a seeing-eye dog-3 minutes, Orlandon vs. Detroit, 2005.  Before the start of the second half of a Pistons-Magic game, the game was delayed due to the seeing-eye dog relieving itself on the court.  When the Pistons came out for warm-ups in the second half, Rasheed Wallace walked up to the lane and stared in disbelief.

Dumbest drug bust-Damon Stoudamire, Portland, July 2002.  I guess the weed did something to his memory.  Stoudamire forgot to take his weed out of the foil wrapping before he went through the metal detector in Tucson.  That arrest for marijuana was Stoudamire’s third in a span of 18 months.

Largest margin of victory , one finals game-42 points, Chicago vs. Utah, June 7, 1998.  Every Bull scored in the 96-54 beat-down, while Jordan sat out in the fourth quarter.  Malone was the only Jazz player to show up, going 8-11 from the field.  Utah committed 26 turnovers and scored the fewest amount of points in a playoff game since 1950.

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