All the talk of who should win the award, has made no sense to me.  The 2010 Rookie of the Year conversation comes down to at most three possible players, and I don’t consider this a close race.  Those involved in the race being: Brandon Jennings of Milwaukee, Tyreke Evans of Sacramento and Stephen Curry of Golden State.

Let’s first take a look at Brandon Jennings, the high school phenom who was regarded as the top high school guard two years ago and played last year in Italy.  While his team has been playing the best out of the three players named, his game has faltered the last few weeks.

Since February 1st, Jennings has shot 31% from the field, compared to 38% on the year, which still is not that great. And for an award that is given based on his performance during the YEAR, he should not be awarded for his efforts. Jennings’ 55 point performance early on gave him a quick advantage in the rookie of the year race, that has recently been shortened by both Curry and Evans.

Apparently, Jennings no longer cares about the award.

“My offense is just terrible right now,” Jennings was quoted in the Journal-Sentinel. “Right now, I’m playing for something bigger. I don’t even care about the Rookie of the Year,” Jennings said. “Forget it. Whoever gets it, who cares? Both of their teams suck, so whoever gets it, it doesn’t matter.”

Jennings, you do realize that if Curry or Evans were taken with the 10th pick instead of you, they would be in the playoffs and still win the award. Andrew Bogut and John Salmons has led them to the playoffs, not you.

This leaves us with Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry. While Curry has had an amazing second half of the season, his first half was similar to that of Jennings’ second half.  Evans has played consistently all year, recording his first triple-double on Wednesday.

On ‘Reke Roy Night, a night that I would have thought to be some of a distraction it was the exact opposite.  Evans played to what the night represented, recording a triple double and scoring on a behind the backboard continuation.  If you missed that, here it is:

———————–PPG   RPG  APG   SPG   BPG   FG%  FT%  3P%  MPG  Team Record

Tyreke Evans: 20.3  5.0   5.5    1.5     0.4    .46  .74    .25   37.2        22-43

Stephen Curry: 16    4.2   5.4     1.8    0.2    .45  .88    .41   35.8         17-47

If ‘Reke continues to rack up the stats that he is attaining, he will be one of three other players to get 20 5 and 5 in his rookie season.  The other players are Oscar Robertson, Lebron James and Michael Jordan.

If you compare their numbers as well as their records, you can honestly say you know who deserves the award.  If this were the best first half rookie award it would go to Brandon Jennings.  If this were the best second half rookie award it would go to Curry.  But if you combined the two, and that is what the award represents, it without a doubt, goes to Tyreke Evans.


One thought on “ROY

  1. Whats up Mike,

    I love the ROY article, although I am a believer Curry can creep up and steal the award with Reke not playing as strong as of late and Curry’s push, but I do agree Reke should and will get the award.

    For the pictures on my page I switched theme’s it is one of the last themes and don’t rememeber the name. The pictures on the side come from the widget’s and you can upload picture’s on your page.

    Also, you asked if I wanted to do argumentive work with you and I responded and you never responded back, so let me know.

    Sorry about not being on as of late I was on Spring Break and was busy, but I will be on more.


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