The State of News Media:Online

In the recent State of the News Media annual report this March, the state of online news was described as a “moving target”.

Although it unclear as to gauge the audience for online news, the research said that users don’t tend to stay anywhere for long.  With search taking an increasing role in daily news consumption.

The article also talked about advertising and said that they saw, “declines for the first time since 2002.”  They blamed the decline in online advertising partially on the recession, but it is not clear to what extent the declines may be structural and permanent.

They also brought up citizen news sites and took notive to their evolution.  Unlike the popular news sites, citizen ran news sites were not as affected  because of the recession’s downturn in advertising.  Most citizen news sites are still being financed with start up funds and contributions from nonprofits.

While online news is being pressured to replace lost revenue from the last year, they are unsure as to how they can take back what was lost.

One possible idea is for online media to offer some kind of sale of their news.  While only 7% of Americans said they would be willing to pay for their news, it looks as though that may be in the near future.

In five years from now I expect to be paying for my online news.  I hoped that it would never come down to this, but you see so many sites offering particular news for a price while letting some stuff be read for free.  Many times I have looked on ESPN and found that the article I want to read is for their Insider subscribers.  With print Journalism becoming archaic it seems as though we will be forced to get our news from a screen.

While the popular newspapers/magazines will stay in business, the lesser known local papers will dissolve.  An outcome that would be good for online business but bad for print media as a whole.

When that time comes, you may want to have some money designated for your news.

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One thought on “The State of News Media:Online

  1. I think paying for news is an inevitability. Its the only way to ensure that our sources for news are legitimate and that the writers putting effort towards that goal are provided with some compensation for their efforts. Not to mention the fact that I hope to get paid someday for writing.;)

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