Kings given No. 5 pick in Draft

The Sacramento Kings held the “NBA’s GREATEST Draft Lottery Party” late Tuesday, and like many Kings fans that were in attendance, I felt the event didn’t live up its title.

While the event was fun, the outcome of the lottery was a disappointment. The Kings had the third best chances of winning the lottery but came up short, getting the fifth pick in the 2010 NBA Draft.

Kings fans covered the streets on the corner of Capitol and 18th hoping for a top selection in the draft. Pre-disappointment, Gavin Maloof, Jerry Reynolds, Donte Greene and Head Coach Paul Westphal spoke with the fans. The Sacramento Kings Dance Team and Kings Breakers also performed before they went live with the NBA Draft Lottery on ESPN.

“Last year everybody was looking forward to the first pick because if you’re given the first pick, you want the best player,” said Kings Broadcaster and director of player personnel, Jerry Reynolds, reminding us that “we didn’t get the first pick, but we got the best player.”

Last year the Kings had the best overall odds but found themselves in a similar position as this year, being awarded the lower selection in the draft. Luckily for Sacramento, the Kings found a way to draft 2010 NBA Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans. Hopefully the Kings will be able to follow suit and get the best available player given their spot. What at first may seem like a consolation prize could prove to be another surprise in the upcoming season.

Jerry Reynolds also introduced a new addition to the Sacramento Kings broadcasting team Jim Gray, who is an eleven-time national Emmy Award-winning sportscaster and will be a special correspondent for the Kings.

“Another Syracuse Orangeman wouldn’t hurt,” said Kings forward Donte Greene, referring to Wesley Johnson out of Syracuse, the school Greene played for in 2007-2008.

Knowing where the Kings are in the draft picking, he may be right. Wesley Johnson is one of a few select players that the Kings will be able to select with their first round pick. Other players in the Kings’ range include Greg Monroe, Ed Davis, Ekpe Udoh, Cole Aldrich and possibly DeMarcus Cousins; Johnson being the only small forward of the group, the others big men.

The list of past number five draft picks could make up one strong roster. Dwayne Wade, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Mitch Richmond, Scottie Pippen and Charles Barkley are some of the players that have been drafted at the five slot.

The Sacramento Kings hope to add a player that they can add to that list of all-stars in this year’s draft on June 24.

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