2012 Fantasy Baseball Buy Low Sell High – Trades

While the season is a long one, the first few weeks provide the best indications of which players are set to breakout and which players will do the opposite. Let’s take a look at some of these early buy-low and sell-high candidates.

There are always players that start the season off in a way that they have never played before; some may last the length of the season, while others come back to reality. These players fall under the ladder:

2012 Fantasy Baseball – Sell High

2012 Fantasy Baseball Buy Low Sell High - TRADES - Carlos Pena

Carlos Pena, 1B Tampa Bay Rays

He’s on pace for a 198 RBI season if he continues playing at the rate he’s going. You and I both know he won’t reach half that. He’s also on pace for 180 strikeouts this year; a number much more likely to be reached.

Josh Willingham, OF Minnesota Twins

Willingham is one of five players who are tied with four home runs this year. Yet Willingham is the only one with four homers and a plus-.400 average. Don’t expect this to continue. Take advantage of this early trade bait and see who’s interested. Go ahead and use that first sentence in your offer. No attribution is needed.
Omar Infante, Chris Young and Corey Hart are all players that fall under this category. If you own them do yourself a favor and get a feel for your leagues trade market. Take advantage of the desperate owners in your league and send out a few emails.

Chad Billingsley, SP Los Angeles Dodgers

Billingsley has some outstanding numbers right now, but those were games against San Diego and Pittsburgh. It may be hard to deal one of the best players at any position but when your top player is drafted where Billingsley was, trading him could reap some serious rewards. See which owners in your league need pitching and fill a void you may have on your roster.

2012 Fantasy Baseball – Buy Low

2012 Fantasy Baseball Buy Low Sell High - TRADES - Jose Bautista

Jose Bautista, OF Toronto Blue Jays

Robinson Cano, 2B New York Yankees

Justin Upton, OF Arizona Diamondbacks

If you own any of these early draft pick’s take your finger off the trigger. Thirty at-bats isn’t the sample size one would need to deal a player you put such a large investment in. Give each player a few more weeks before you ship either out. If you see any of these guys on the trade block, don’t be afraid to send their owner an offer.

Matt Moore, SP/RP Tampa Bay Rays

Don’t let his rough start fool you. Moore faced two strong lineups in Detroit and Boston. Moore had trouble hitting spots in his opening start but you have to remember; he is only 22. In his second start he was closer to where you would want him to be as an owner. He may not be worth putting into your starting lineup right now but in a few weeks I would expect him to be.

Tim Lincecum, SP San Francisco Giants

The two-time Cy Young has struggled early this year but he is a two-time Cy Young and only 27. If he were older with the trophy case I may be giving you different advice, but with Lincecum I think differently. With him losing another game Monday night (against Roy Halladay) Lincecum owners may be trying harder to deal him than Alex Gordon hit his face into the grass Monday(a clip I’m sure you’ll see on the four-letter the next couple days). Don’t be afraid to trade for this arm. He has had years in the past in which he didn’t start off as well as he finished…

Remember to buy low and sell high this fantasy baseball season, but if you have any trade questions or any fantasy baseball questions make sure you follow us on Twitter and direct your questions to @fantasycouch for the most immediate response. We answer all fantasy sports questions!

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