Buy Low Sell High for February, 2012

Everyone knows that when you have to buy low and sell high when it comes to fantasy basketball trades but realistically, that is not easy. Buying low and selling high comes down to this: getting players whose actual value is greater than what their perceived value is, and trading away players whose situation is the inverse of this. If you know who the impatient owners are that simply know how to read a box score and ignore the current situation of the players, begin trade talks with them. Consider proposing a trade in your 2012 fantasy basketball league for these players.

February, 2012 NBA Players to Buy Low

2012 fantasy basketball trades - Amar'e Stoudemire

Amar’e Stoudemire has had a rough start this season, failing to reach the expectations so many people had when the idea of a Carmelo Anthony and Stoudemire combination found its way in the news. I’ve never been a big fan of Baron Davis but I do know he is better than any point on the Knicks roster. If the Knicks can turn things around, which I think they will, Stoudemire may be a top pick that you can find at a discounted rate.

Chris Kaman may not be logging any minutes right now for New Orleans but he’ll be back on the court before the trade deadline passes. There are a handful of teams interested in his services and if he’s still on someone’s roster in your fantasy league shoot the owner and email and see what it would take to acquire him.

Dirk Nowitzki returned to the court on Sunday after taking some time off. In his most recent games he was a combined 9-of-24 from the field and 0-for-6 from beyond the arc. Dirk owners are getting worried and based on how early Nowitzki was going in drafts they may need to make a deal soon. Take advantage of that.

Deron Williams has struggled from the start, thanks in large part to the absence of Nets center Brook Lopez. Williams is the primary scoring option for New Jersey and defenses know it. Williams has struggled from the field shooting just 39% on the year. Upon Lopez’s arrival, expect Williams to bounce back from his rough start. His league leading 4.4 turnovers a game will also see a decline in the weeks to come.

February, 2012 NBA Players to Sell High

Dwayne Wade is one of my favorite players in the league…BUT with the way he plays I can’t trust him to stay healthy. When Wade is healthy, he’s great and one of the best players in the league, but because of the type of game he plays his numbers will end up being mid-draft type stats and not help you enough down the road. Wait for Wade to put a few good games together and then put him on the block. Someone will bite and you’ll most likely find something good on the other end.

Richard Jefferson is second in the league in three-pointers made with 53 on the season. Expect him to fall down that list rapidly once Manu Ginobli returns to the lineup. Besides his three-point shooting this year his numbers have been mediocre. Jefferson won’t get you a great player in return straight up, but he’s the perfect guy to have in a multi-player deal.

2012 fantasy basketball trades - Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries has been able to fill the stat sheet for owners so far this season but like his marriage with Kim Kardashian, it will be short-lived. Lopez will be returning to the lineup soon and once Lopez is back, Humphries’ numbers will certainly see a decline.

Rookies like Kyrie Irving, Marshon Brooks and Ricky Rubio have played well for their fantasy owners this season but that rookie wall is approaching rapidly. You can either ride it out with your rookie or take advantage of their hot start and deal them. Remember, you don’t get extra points for having the best rookie.

In the 2012 fantasy basketball season, remember to buy low and sell high before the trade deadline.

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