Fantasy Basketball – Players on Cold Streak Jan. 18, 2012


With every fantasy sport, you’ll have players that are hot and cold. But basketball is a game of runs and it’s even more important to know who is hot and in this case who is cold. You should drop or trade the following fantasy basketball players.

Coming out of the lockout there will be some players that you drafted who warm up later in the season. Some of these players will be worth holding onto as the season goes on but there are other players that may not be worth the roster spot. One of the best ways to keep yourself atop the standings in your league is to know who to add and who to drop. Knowing who is hot and cold may take a few extra minutes but if you want to stay in the hunt come playoff time you’ll want to put in the extra work.

Danny Granger has been the only bright spot for the Indiana Pacers the last few years but this season has been a different story. The 6-foot-8 forward averaged over 20 points per game for the last three seasons but has failed to do anything close to that this season scoring 10 PPG less than he did two years ago, putting up just 15.3 PPG this season. The main reason for this low scoring is his 33 percent shooting from the field. Besides his scoring, Granger has had numbers similar to those of past years but it’s apparent that guys like Paul George are stealing some of his points. Granger was a good player to have on your roster when he was the focal point of the Indiana offense but now that there are some solid pieces around him you may want to deal him if you need the scoring. Check out the market for Granger. Dealing the forward and a filler for a scorer like Jason Terry or Kevin Martin and an athletic forward like Thaddeus Young would be a good idea.

Fantasy Basketball - Players on Cold Streak - Dorrell WrightDorell Wright made it rain like a cloud in Seattle last season for Golden State but in his second season with the Warriors, Wright has found himself in a drought. Wright was taken early in most drafts for one thing and one thing only, and this season he has failed expectation to the ninth degree. Wright made 194 three-pointers last season but has made just 13 three’s in his first 12 games this year, with six of those coming in a game against Miami. I wouldn’t give Wright much more time but if he continues to struggle for you getting rid of Wright would be the right thing to do. Check the waiver wire for a replacement. Kyle Korver is owned in only 11.4 percent of ESPN leagues while Daniel Gibson is owned in just 1.6 percent of ESPN leagues. Both players have made 24 three-pointers this season.

Fantasy Basketball - Players on Cold Streak - John Wall

John Wall went off for 38 points on Monday to help his scoring average but he has failed to reach expectations after a season in which he showed a lot of promise. The guard out of Kentucky averaged 16.4 PPG and 8.3 APG last year but has limited himself in his sophomore season averaging just 15.2 PPG on 35-percent shooting while averaging 7.2 APG. Wall has seen a drop in assists but a raise in turnovers, currently third in the NBA with 4 turnovers per game. Wall may be able to “Dougie” with the best of them but if he keeps this up he’ll have to boogie his self onto somebody else’s roster. If turnovers count against you in your league, then look to trade John Wall for a someone who takes better care of the ball.

Toney Douglas averaged 10.6 PPG, 3.0 APG and 3.0 RPG per game last season while shooting decent from the field and beyond the arc. This year has been a different story for the guard out of Florida State. His numbers were already worth a later round pick in this year’s fantasy draft but he has seen a drop in every common statistic that is relevant in fantasy basketball. Dropping him now would be the best thing for your team. There is someone on the waiver wire that could easily fill his spot.

John Salmons may be a starter in the NBA but he should not be on your roster. Salmons is shooting 18 percent from three land and 35 percent from the field while scoring a measly 7.7 PPG. His 1.9 APG and 3.7 RPG can be had somewhere else as Salmons is not name you will see on many playoff rosters come the end of this fantasy basketball season. Check out your league’s waiver wire and find someone that fills a void on your roster. Having starters is always good but not when they get you numbers that can be had from guys coming off the bench.


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