Players on Cold Streak Feb. 23, 2012

Here is a hottest list of the coldest NBA fantasy basketball players that are on the decline and that you may want to drop.

Fantasy Basketball Players on Cold Streak Feb. 23, 2012 - Nick Young

Nick Young is owned in 100 percent of ESPN leagues, but for a guy that is on the court to put points on the board, he hasn’t been doing that as well as owners would want. Young has shown the ability to score but he doesn’t do much more than that; and at times his scoring hasn’t been what you would expect from a guy owned in every ESPN fantasy basketball league. He has scored just 11.8 points per game in his last four games while going 12 straight games with one assist or less. Young has also averaged a measly 2.5 rebounds a game this year in 31.3 minutes per game. His value in most leagues is minimal so I would deal him to someone who overvalues scoring.

Tyrus Thomas may be the highest paid player on the Bobcats roster but that helps his owners none. Thomas has been inconsistent throughout the season and is now coming off the bench. He has played just 30 minutes in the last four games scoring just eight points, adding six boards, a steal and a block in that span. There are plenty of other forwards available on the waiver. You could grab another Bobcat in Corey Maggette or add someone else like Tayshaun Prince, Mareese Speights or Carlos Delfino to fill the void that has been Tyrus Thomas.

Samuel Dalembert had four double-doubles in January but has been unable to muster up any double-doubles this month. Dalembert had eight games in which he recorded double digit rebounds in January compared to just two this month. He has also seen a decline in his minutes. He has had just three games this month where he logged more than 26 minutes but played nine games in January in which he logged those same minutes. The Haitian Sensation is worth having on your roster just keep an eye on his situation.

Fantasy Basketball Players on Cold Streak Feb. 23, 2012 - Carlos Boozer

Carlos Boozer may be on one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference but his rebounding numbers aren’t what you would expect from Boozer. He is still averaging 15.8 ppg and 8.2 rpg but that is down about two points and two boards from his career totals. Playing alongside Joakim Noah may be part of the drop in rebounding numbers but it doesn’t change the fact that his rebounding numbers are as low as his they have been since his rookie season. Boozer’s worth having on your roster, just know that Ersan Ilyasova and Udonis Haslem are putting up better rebounding numbers than he is.

Andre Iguodala has been the leader on a Philadelphia team that hasn’t seen this much success than the other A.I. Iggy has taken a step to the side when it comes to his fantasy numbers but the team is winning so I’m sure he’s not losing sleep over that. His owners on the other hand need to notice that he’s failed to reach the 20-point mark in 21 straight games.

In another four weeks come back to Fantasy Couch to check out my new article full of NBA players to drop from your fantasy basketball roster. In the meantime, there will be plenty of fantasy basketball articles and videos for you fanatics!

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