Buy Low Sell High Relief Pitchers

The current market for closers in fantasy baseball 2012 … At the beginning of the year you would have seen guy’s like Drew Storen, Mariano Rivera, Brian Wilson and J.J Putz somewhere around the top of the closer rankings leading up to your draft. Currently, you can find each of those pitchers—whichever one or more you may have, or have had—filling up your DL spot(s) or off of your roster entirely.

Finding a replacement is easy, as most teams have named and renamed their closer as often as our prima donna athletes change their names. Some have stood firm with a guy that could later find himself with a new roll. Chances are you need a closer or are looking to improve in that area.

Relief pitching is something often overlooked come draft day. And in most leagues it makes sense to overlook closers. They are inconsistent. Closers can have a job one week and be out of one the next. Or like many of the pitchers I named, find themselves on the shelf. Here are a few guys you should buy and a few guys you should sell.


Kenley Jansen, Los Angeles Dodgers – The Javy Guerra train is no more and the Kenley Jansen train is leaving the station. He was recently named the closer as Guerra failed to earn a save after starting off the year so well. If he can stay healthy Jansen may be the guy the Dodgers go with until the end of the year. If he’s available in your league pick him up and drop the guy you’ve been thinking about dropping.
Addison Reed, Chicago White Sox – Manager Robin Ventura announced that his team would be returning to a closer-by-committee situation Friday, but don’t let that fool you. Addison Reed earned two saves in his last two appearances. If he continues to put batters in their seats he’ll find himself closing games consistently for his ball club.

Ryan Cook, Oakland Athletics – With Grant Balfour struggling to closeout games, the Athletics currently yield a relief pitcher who has allowed just 3 hits and no earned runs in 15.2 innings this season. If you can afford to hold onto a prospect, Cook might be the guy you grab. If not, keep an eye on him and Balfour. Cook may finish the year closing in Oakland.


Rafael Dolis, Chicago White Sox – Dolis is a popular guy among waiver wire discount shoppers. But he isn’t the guy you want. If you’re in dyer straights when it comes to saves, pick him up and hope that he puts a few decent outings together. Once he does that pair him together with a player and make a deal for something else. Dolis is not a guy to put much stock in the rest of the season. Marmol will find his way back into the closing roll before the end of the summer.

Fantasy Baseball Closers - Sell David Robertson

David Robertson, New York Yankees – Before the Mariana Rivera’s knee injury, the Yankees had relied on him to close games for 16-straight seasons. The shoes Robertson just jumped into are waist-high. Expect Rafael Soriano and Robertson to switch off until they find the guy who messes up the least. Stay away from the Yankees closer situation until told to do otherwise.

Grant Balfour, Oakland Athletics – Balfour has been on thin ice in Oakland for the last few days and it was reported Saturday night that Fuentes will be the Athletics’ new closer. Do yourself a favor and rid yourself of the guy. There are much better options available.


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