Couch Potato – Week 4

The Mayans predicted the world to December of this year; what they forgot to tell us was how the final season of NFL football would play out.

There have been some surprises this year both record –wise and from a fantasy standpoint.

The Browns ‘are who we thought they were’ but the Saints are far from it. A Sean Peyton-less football team still had high expectations for themselves. With both teams sharing the only 0-3 record in the NFL.

On the other hand you’ve got three teams that share the opposite 3-0 record with one of these teams not matching the others. Atlanta Falcons…check. Houston Texans…check. Arizona Cardinals…Huh?!

Whether or not they can keep it up will have to be seen but they’ve been able to hold their opponents (Seattle, New England and Philadelphia) to fewer than 20 points per game while the bounty-less Saints have allowed 102 points a game. The Falcons and Texans have done the same this year allowing the second and third least points this season respectively. Something teams might want to take note of if they plan on going further than week 17.

Like any season, we’ve seen a number of players go undrafted and work their way onto fantasy rosters as well as some starting lineups. It may be because of an injury or just an overall lack of depth at a position that you pick up Player X and Player Y and find them starting for your team ahead of someone you grabbed in the draft. Player X for me has been Cincinnati Bengals receiver Andrew Hawkins and Player Y, who is yet to start for me, is Baltimore tight end Dennis Pitta.

I picked up Hawkins two weeks ago and liked what I saw in the first two weeks enough to give him a shot in my flex spot and I was pleased with my return. Whether or not he’ll be able to keep up the 15 point games is a question mark but until then he’ll be worthy of a start. Consistency equals wins and three weeks in, Hawkins has been all about that.

The same can be said for the Ravens’ Pitta. I picked him up strictly as a backup to Jason Witten and Pitta made me regret not starting him for the second week in a row. Pitta outscored Witten for the final time on my bench. Luckily leaving Pitta on my bench hasn’t cost me a win but for some people it very well could have.

 Each week there has been and will be guys who go off. It might be the most frustrating part of fantasy football. You hate to see your second quarterback or your third running back miss the start and rack up points while the guy you have starting scores as much as a Mathlete. These guys fall under said category:

Week 1: Kevin Ogletree (34.4), C.J Spiller (28.4), Lance Moore (27), Stevan Ridley (26.2), and Kevin Smith (25).

Week 2: Hakeem Nicks (38.9), Danny Amendola (38), Reggie Bush (37.7), Trent Richardson (33.5), Eli Manning (31.2), Sam Bradford (26.4) and Packers D/ST (19).

Week 3: Jamal Charles (45.8), Ben Roethlisburger (35), Torrey Smith (33.7), Andre Brown (31), Joe Flacco (28.5), Heath Miller (26), Cardinals D/ST (24) and Bears D/ST (23).

point totals for point per reception leagues

A friend of mine, who we will call Tom, made a Facebook post asking the following:

“Fantasy Footballers!! B.Hartline against Revis, Steven Jackson, or Torrey Smith?”

I quickly replied back, letting him know that Torrey Smith was an easy choice. A guy like Torrey Smith was ready for a breakout game and it so happened to be last week.  I figured he made the switch and got the win but that wasn’t the case.

Sunday night I see the following post from him:

“I should have started Torrey Smith 😦 ”

Some loyal Couchers were dealing with that same issue as my friend:

-@Treat88 started Dexter McCluster over Torrey Smith.

-@OmgRodWtf started Matt Cassel over Ryan Fitzpatrick.

-@Steigelman25 started Marshawn Lynch over Torrey Smith.

These unfortunate starts are something that happens to the best of us. And in some cases you just get the unlucky end of the fantasy football week.

My Dad, Jeff Morris, who joined my hometown league as a fantasy football rookie has quickly become one of the better managers in my league—something I would never admit to him. But unfortunately for him he started three receivers (Victor Cruz, Brandon Lloyd and Jordy Nelson) who combined for close to the same amount of points that Dallas Cowboys’ wideout Kevin Ogletree scored in week 1.

“Hindsight’s 20-15 in fantasy football,” he explained. “I only picked him up on a whim. I wasn’t the only person who doubted he and the Cowboys would do much in that game.”

In just about every league there will be players like Ogletree and Spiller, who nobody expects to go off; it’s the days when you start the obviously wrong guy that you want to limit. If only you could predict who would play great and who wouldn’t.

Unfortunately the Mayans weren’t into fantasy football…


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