2013 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers – First base

Here are the 2013 fantasy baseball sleeper first basemen. Click here to see all our 2013 fantasy baseball sleepers. While catcher is a position that lacks depth from a fantasy baseball perspective, first base offers elite and borderline elite talent that could amount to possibly a dozen players.

Albert Pujols, Joey Votto, Prince Fielder and Edwin Encarnacion are four polarizing figures that will most likely be taken in the first couple rounds of drafts this spring and they are just the icing on the cake that is first base–not accounting for Adrian Gonzalez, Buster Posey, Billy Butler, Allen Craig and so on. While the players named proved their worth last season and in past years, it’s important to know the guys who haven’t.

Sleepers are key in giving your team the most value per selection when it’s time for you to draft and there are three players worth highlighting in your rankings before you make your first and final selection this season.

Todd Frazier, Cincinnati Reds

Todd Frazier was the ultimate utility guy for the Reds last season, playing at first base, third base, outfield and one game as designated hitter. What separates him from most “utility” guys are his numbers. The 27-year old chameleon posted a .273 average with 19 home runs and 26 doubles in just over 400 at-bats this season.

Frazier took advantage of timely injuries to Joey Votto and Scott Rolen and finally opened some eyes in 2013. With Rolen unsure of what he’ll be doing in 2013; whether it’s playing baseball or watching it, Frazier has a good chance at starting at third. With a full season to play Frazier could hit .275, with 25 home runs and around 80 RBI’s—numbers very similar to that of Mark Teixiera who is still being taken in the 6th round in most mock drafts. Luckily for you, Frazier isn’t even going off the board in 10-team 23-round mock drafts.

Mark Trumbo, Anaheim Angels

Mark Trumbo is the Tim Duncan to Trout’s David Robinson and the Isaac Bruce to his Torry Holt. Trout is the reason you see Mark Trumbo on this list. If it weren’t for the famous fish, Trumbo’s name would have no reason to be on this list and Trumbo would be the highly touted prospect in Anaheim. But with the overpowering pieces to that lineup Trumbo takes the back seat. Fortunately for him, Anaheim and those who draft him, a lot can happen in that backseat.

Trumbo, who will also be third base eligible, hit .268 with 32 home runs and 95 RBI’s last season. However, his strikeout total and slow finish to the year have some people questioning the strong start he had in 2012. In his first 82 games Trumbo had Anaheim regretting their $240 million dollar decision to sign Pujols, hitting .311 with 26 homers and a .995 OPS. But the final 62 games left something to be desired being that he finished the season with a .040 dip in average an hit only 6 home runs in that span. While he may not be able to hold a first half like that into a full season, I’ll bet the house on the former instead of the latter and expect a season closer to that of the first half.

2013 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers - First Base - Anthony Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs

If there was one guy on the Cubs other than Starlin Castro worth drafting it would be Anthony Rizzo. The 24-year old struggled in a 49-game stint with the Padres in 2011, but who hasn’t struggled there? Rizzo was then traded to the Cubs where he became a reliable power hitter after spending some time in Triple-A. After impressing those he needed to in Iowa, Rizzo made it to the show in June and didn’t look back. In 87 games Rizzo hit .285, with 15 home runs, 48 RBI’s and 15 doubles.

When you look at the fact that Rizzo played in just over half of the 2012 season it’s easy to let your imagination take control. A full season in Chicago should mean close to 30 home runs, 80 runs, and 90 RBI’s. Rizzo is being drafted in rounds eight or nine with players like Jimmy Rollins, Ben Zobrist, Yovani Gallardo and David Ortiz going around the same time, but with the budding Rizzo, there’s no reason to let him pass you in the seventh round.

Have any questions or disagree with my take? Let me know what’s on your mind on Twitter@ThisJustM.

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