Couch Potato – Week 6

2012 Fantasy Football Trash Talk – Why You Should Trade Away Chris Johnson

Tennessee Titans’ running back Chris Johnson is far from the player most had expected him to be before the start of this season. But my question is why?

Johnson was taken in the first round of most drafts and has failed to live up to the high expectations the majority of fantasy footballers had of him before the 2012 season started. However, he has had performances that mirrored those of past years on an inconsistent basis.

In six weeks Johnson has carried the ball 92 times for only 301 yards, giving him a 3.3 yards per carry average, which is a career low. These numbers are far from those he had before this dreadful season of his. But those who drafted Chris Johnson this year, and especially those who drafted him very high, were planning on seeing a change in his output pattern. That certainly has not been the case this season.

Chris Johnson is an exciting player to watch and is the best running back Tennessee has seen since Eddie George, but he was never a guy I was going to target in any draft I was in because of the offense he was on and the lack of inconsistency that he has exhibited.

Fantasy Football Trash Talk - Chris Johnson

In 2009, Johnson had a year nobody expected from him, as he rushed for just over 2,000 yards with a 5.6 yards per carry average and 14 touchdowns.

Since then, his popularity has remained the same even though his season totals have been on a steady decline. Last season started off much like this season, except this year his numbers have actually been better through six weeks. Last year he had just 268 yards through his first six games compared to the 301 this year.

Chances are Johnson will have more games in which he has less than 100 yards and that inconsistency isn’t worth holding onto. However the popularity he has gained because of 2009 is still there and if he has another 100-yard game in the next couple weeks deal him and do it fast. If you were someone who unfortunately drafted him you most likely aren’t doing too well in your league.

There are definitely teams looking for a running back at this time of the season. But of course you want to make the right deal.

Dealing for a guy like Steven Jackson or Doug Martin would definitely be worth a shot if you want to trade for a running back but going after a wide receiver will be easier. If you went that route, I would recommend going after someone who has scored a similar amount of points but gets a decent amount of targets. Targets are a great indicator when it comes to wide receiver scoring, especially in PPR leagues. Trading away Chris Johnson for a wide receiver like Michael Crabtree, Steve Smith (Car) or Greg Jennings may be your best bet. Most importantly pay attention to your league and who needs a running back because you may be able to get someone you had not expected to.

Johnson shocked the world in 2009 and has fallen off since. This pattern will continue to be a downward spiral so trade away Chris Johnson and don’t let CJNoK bring you down with him.


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