The Couch Potato – Week 5

Around this time in the season is when teams begin to realize where they stand in the league and with that comes trades.

Whether it is someone praying on the struggling teams in his league or a guy who is hoping to get a deal done to turn his season around, improving your team via trade is the quickest way to either improve your team or hurt it.

In most instances the trades offered are one-sided for the guy who offers the deal. It seems as though a good trade is a dime a dozen and it’s rare for two sides to reach an agreement. Of course making a trade isn’t a must but it’s a fun part of the game and may or may not be worth the gamble.

Keep these three rules in mind when offering or accepting a trade

Rule #1: Sell High

If you’re looking to trade somebody be sure to deal them when they’re value is high. You will get your best return in a trade if you deal someone who is coming off a couple weeks of solid performances or possibly someone like Miami Dolphins receiver Brian Hartline who shocked the fantasy football world this past week with his 12 receptions, 253 yards and a touchdown.

Rule #2: Consider your bench

Be careful when you make a trade involving an unequal amount of players. Make sure that there is someone on your bench worthy of being dropped. If you’re team is deep at a particular position you may not want to make a trade that fills that position even more.

Rule #3: Consider your offer from both sides

Put yourself in the position of the guy you’re offering the deal to. If you were him would you consider the deal? And be honest with yourself. Nobody likes the guy who offers trash trades in the hopes that the other guy accidentally hits the accept button.

We all know the guy, or guys in our league that offer the most ridiculous trades. If you don’t know who that is in your league, you’re probably him. An important thing in getting a deal done is making sure you’re not that guy. If you have picked up that title you better be happy with your roster you have because you most likely won’t be able to get any deals done.

The Couch Potato – Fantasy Football Week 5 - Bad Trades - Shonn Greene

An example of a trade that should never be offered was one tweeted in by @Coach_Colby was Jets’ running back Shonn Greene for Pittsburgh’s Mike Wallace. Greene’s own mother would not accept this deal. Greene has scored just one touchdown this year and rushed for under 100 yards in each game, while Wallace on the other hand has scored in each game this year.

I made two deals recently in one of my leagues. I’m in three leagues and this is the one in which I’m playing against friends. It’s the only league in which I have multiple losses and my three losses prompted me to do a few deals to prevent that number from growing.

Both deals using the three golden rules discussed above.

I dealt Buffalo receiver Steve Johnson for Kansas City’s Dwayne Bowe.

In the second deal I dealt Chicago’s Michael Bush for Green Bay receiver Greg Jennings.

The first deal was a counter I made to an offer and the second was me dealing my insurance policy to Forte who I own in an attempt to improve my receiver situation (Lance Moore and Andrew Hawkins starting for me last week). Although Jennings’ status for this week is in question I dealt a guy I got in the later rounds for someone who was a second or third round selection. If Jennings is able to come back within a week or two I should be happy with my return.

If you are in a position similar to me in this league or you’re just looking to add to an already stacked roster, be sure to do implement the three Fantasy Couch Golden Rules of trading.

If you have any questions or comments about this week’s Couch Potato article tweet me@ThisJustM or tweet @FantasyCouch directly. We’ll be happy to help you out with an immediate response!


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